Think getting certified is a hassle? Think again.  We offer mobile CPR, and bring our services to you, free​ of charge.

Britta H. Kuo

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This site is not intended as medical advice and should not be used in lieu of seeking medical attention. If you feel you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1 or your local police department for further instruction.

Why Choose Vital Force?

Fun Fact: The name Vital Force was chosen for its theory meaning, its literal meaning, and as a poke at her husband's obsession with the movie series Star Wars.

Vital Force is the synergetic entrepreneurship of Britta H. Kuo and her husband, Bryant Kuo, RN, which serves to unite the public by arming them with the skills and techniques necessary to provide high-quality CPR & First Aid to the community. Combined, they have 14 years experience in the EMS world. However, the company is solely owned and operated by Britta who takes joy in sharing her husband's knowledge as a consultant, his skill as an instructor, and his sense of humor for comedic effect.

Britta served as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in New York and New Jersey was nationally certified both as an emergency medical dispatcher (EMD) and a lifeguard. Her experience was earned in volunteer and paid EMS, as well as working full time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Bergen County, NJ. Having been touched most by the teen population, Britta is dedicated to fostering better relationships between young adults and Public Safety Officials. Currently, she holds certifications to teach both the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council's Curriculum as an authorized BLS Instructor.

Many hands joining forces to protect our families, to preserve our memories, and to ensure our future.

Quality Is Our Name:

Vital Force CPR & First Aid's hallmark is high-quality, and we dismiss the old adage of "get the job done."  When people's lives are at stake it means that you want qualified people teaching you the skills that they know best, with the tools that they know best. 

We pride ourselves on utilizing Prestan CPR Manikins which are widely regarded as the best on

the market for civilian CPR. They feature realistic landmarks and head-tilt-chin-lift flexibility,

audible compression "click," and a light-up feedback monitor showing your compression rate.

Our manikins are guaranteed to offer you the most comprehensive teaching approach since they

are constructed for your visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners.

Diversity Is Our Game:

Here at Vital Force CPR & First Aid, we know that life's emergencies don't happen in a bubble.

This is why we pride ourselves on breaking away from the norm of teaching CPR and toss out

the one-size-fits-all approach. Vital Force CPR & First Aid has purchased Prestan's

multi-skin-toned manikins to offer a bit of diversity to what we call our "team." While

those manikins attempt to provide ethnic variety for our company,  it certainly doesn't

address another issue that is plaguing America - obesity. Did you know that the average

CPR manikin weighs about 7 lbs? (And yes, that is for the adult-size). Vital Force is on a

mission to purchase  obese manikins which offer a bulkier torso, making it more realistic

of our modern-day population. 

Apart from offering diversified equipment, Vital Force CPR & First Aid can tailor a class to fit your personal CPR needs. Do you work at a healthcare facility where you would most likely be performing compressions in a hospital bed? Are you a first responder who needs to be versed in moving CPR?  Perhaps you're an office manager, a construction site worker, or a company employee who needs to re-vamp your emergency response procedures. Well, from family to facility, we're here to help you train in realistic scenarios whether it be inside the classroom, and yes, outside if you're going to become an EMT or a Fire Fighter. 

Serving At-Risk Populations:

Vital Force CPR & First Aid believes that citizens should be certified in the skills of CPR & AED use, as opposed to being versed in the skills of CPR & AED use. This is especially true for the teenage population that is in the midst of learning how to navigate decision-making skills during an emotionally charged time in their lives.

New York State's Education Department and The Board of Regents determined in Fall of 2015 that senior high schools will be teaching Hands-Only CPR (with AED) to students over a two-class-period session that was specifically designed by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. However, those teaching CPR in high schools do not necessarily need to be certified to do so, as outlined in the proposal below. Furthermore, when students aren't certified, the duty to act that comes with earning a certification is not always in effect. When the need for performing CPR arises, or even calling 9-1-1 for other emergent needs, having a certification makes your lines clear: you act, and you act responsibly.  

To see this important document, please click on the button provided.


Fostering Better Relationships:

Vital Force can't deny that we live in the Social Media Age. The availability and use of smartphones among multi-generations means that little is kept private when you can hold such an extraordinary piece of technology in the palm of your hand. There are times when technology can come to your defense, and there are times when technology puts you on the defensive. To place this into perspective, please consider the following:

Can you remember a time that something you said, or perhaps something you did, was taken out of context? How did that make you feel? 

Now, imagine that you were in a scenario where it was expected that you act in a worthy manner and even though you may have, only a portion of your behaviors were caught on camera.

What picture of you might be painted? How would that impact your job and your personal life? 

Viral videos and social media although entertaining, allow masses of unqualified individuals to weigh-in on partial stories. With everything caught on camera, even you could come under scrutiny. Being thoroughly trained in a skill gives you the extra confidence that you need to perform the task at hand with competency. Holding your "certification" in those skills is proof that you have effectively mastered what you need to know! Additionally, it helps to hold you and others who have "certs" accountable when a scenario arises. 

Vital Force CPR & First Aid has interviewed two local Police Departments to learn about Schenectady's specific needs and areas of crisis.  Vital Force aims to bridge the gap between young adults who are fearful of Police Brutality and wishes to teach them how to safely interact with public safety officials. A special 9-1-1 competency course is in the making, and will help students learn what to anticipate during a routine traffic stop, a house fire, an overdose, and an active shooting event. To learn more about this course, click here.


Vital Force CPR & First Aid

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